AWS Amplify Custom Domain Management

Recently I moved my personal blog from GitHub Pages to AWS Amplify. While it was fairly easy to setup the Amplify project and CI/CD pieces, the DNS configuration for Custom Domains was less straightforward. The following observations are what I found to be less than ideal while using Amplify for the first time. AWS Amplify DNS instructions One problem that I found with AWS Amplify, which was surprising for someone who is familiar with Route53 and DNS, is that the suggested instructions on the Amplify Domain Management page are somewhat cryptic.

Using AWS Lambda@Edge on Cloudfront

I’ve been attempting to learn more about Lambda@Edge and how to use functions at the AWS edge locations, so I wrote up this demo. It isn’t performing a very realistic operation, but it did allow me to understand the Lambda@Edge and Cloudfront cache relationship (aka “event model”) and how to intercept CDN cache requests and modify responses in a Lambda function.

Why Did Official Python Docker Images Disappear for an Afternoon?

We have all become accustomed to services on the internet being reliable and available approximately 100% of the time. Many services obviously have outages, recently GitHub, Cloudflare, Twitter, Facebook have all had widespread service disruptions. Some apps affect downstream processes and services that rely on them. This is a story about how I found the official Python images on Docker Hub were missing for the linux/amd64 architecture for an entire afternoon(potentially longer).