Using dnsmasq on Asuswrt-merlin to ignore MAC addresses

Here’s another ‘for posterity’ type post. I forgot I had configured my WiFi router to ignore certain MAC addresses and when I tried to put that machine on the Network today I had a rude awakening. Using the asuswrt-merlin firmware on my RT-AC66U router, I had configured things to allow 2 machines to be served DHCP from another PC so that I could run Cobbler on that machine and boot/kickstart these two hosts just by hitting the power button.

Ajax/jQuery on AWS Lambda

I’ve been trying to learn more about AWS Lambda, at the same time learning some web development. For a newcomer to web application development, there is the question of whether you work on leveling up with traditional server based apps or “serverless”, aka FaaS, aka Lambda. I wanted to try converting a simple Flask app to Lambda, this is how I did it.

Empty greenhouse.io job posts

I was interested in a job description a company posted via Twitter, but I couldn’t view the text and didn’t understand why. This wasn’t the first time this happened so decided to dig into the problem and determine if it was an issue with my environment or the website.