Empty greenhouse.io job posts

I was interested in a job description a company posted via Twitter, but I couldn’t view the text and didn’t understand why. This wasn’t the first time this happened so decided to dig into the problem and determine if it was an issue with my environment or the website.

Using Docker to create an ad hoc Yum repository

Docker can be used to quickly create and serve many services, one such example is serving RPMs via Yum in an ad hoc manner. Have you ever wanted to create a Yum repository consisting of some RPMs very quickly to be used for testing purposes? I did this week. I could have created the repo and installed a web server on any machine. But what if we had the RPMs and the Yum repository both dynamically hosted on the servers where the Chef cookbooks were being executed?

Vagrant NFS synced_folders

After upgrading to Fedora 25 yesterday, Vagrant 1.8.5 in the updates repo was unusable with VirtualBox for 2 reasons: The newest centos/7 box didn’t use vbox guest additions for shared folders, forcing the use of NFS Vagrant issue 8138 which is not fixed in the newest RPM from Vagrant means I had to install from source. This required two workarounds in my Vagrantfile: The setting config.vm.synced_folder requires the ‘type: "nfs"’ parameter.